The External Advisory Board (EAB) consists of six international leading experts encompassing the key aspects of OPTIMISTIC scientific activity. The Board will ensure a high standard of research and governance and monitors the progress of the project. The consortium consults the EAB for recommendations to improve the performance of the consortium.

  • Professor Jaques Puymirat: Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Qubec (CHUQ) – Unite de Genetique Humaine
  • Professor John Day: Standford University Medical Center: Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences.
  • Dr Marie Kierkegaard: Karolinska University Hospital- Karolinska Instituet- Department of Physical Therapy
  • Professor Thorsten Klint: Prosensa Therapeutics BV
  • Professor Ian Wong: University of Hong Kojng, China; formerly School of Pharmacy London, UK
  • Dr Michael Koelch: University of Ulm, Germany.

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